Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Week - Graeme Clark + Giveaway

Sup' Book Lovers?

So I know you have felt the presence of tumbleweed blowing through here on and off a little, oh you didn't miss me - hmm, so cue awkward pause.... now here's another book review for book week. 'K?

Graeme Clark by Mark Worthing

Released to celebrate the 80th birthday of this Australian and World legend.

Graeme Clark - for those not in the know, is the Australian doctor who invented the cochlear (yes I had to check how to spell that) implant. This means that people who have complete hearing loss/ are deaf can receive the gift of sound in their lives.

I loved this biography. It had a real sense of authenticity about it. From the beginning you realise that Graeme himself is an incredibly humble and dedicated man and his wife is too. The struggles he had, the slights from other colleagues, the balance of faith and science and even the negative reactions he received from some of the deaf community are documented without hype.

Mark Worthing has written a very readable book which goes into great detail but maintains a sense of flow and engaged me as a reader. I read this within a week, which is very fast for me with a biography or memoir style book.

As much as the subject matter was really interesting to me what I think this book really achieved for me was an encouragement that you don't need people to approve of what you want to accomplish or even believe it can be done. What you (I) need is integrity, commitment to doing due diligence and an unwavering work ethic. I really think this would be an inspirational read for many people.

Allen and Unwin have also agreed to give away a copy of this book which excites me immensely because I have had the joy of having deaf friends and being involved with the deaf community at my church in New Zealand and I am thrilled to see the deaf community and its issues and journey highlighted.

Details - Allen & Unwin, August 2015 RRP$29.99 also available as an ebook.

Leave a comment below for your chance to win! (NZ and Aus only)

love you more than a song sung in sign language xxx