Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Girl's Guide to Survival

Sup wahines?

This little treasure landed on my doorstep care of the author Sarah Johannsen, a beautiful, crafty and gregarious Adelaidian. I really enjoyed this book it's an explosion of great, practical, sassy, aunty -slash - bestie advice.

Image from Sarah's website.

This book covers all the advice a young (or older - I learnt some new tricks) lady might need when she's striking out alone. It's sort of like a modern etiquette book that combines actual practical advice as well. So alongside deco ideas and making sense of dress codes there is also heaps of advice on changing tyres, working out a budget and using natural cleaners.

I would have loved this book when I left home and I think it would be a great gift for any girl heading out of home to uni, work or flatting. Sarah has a lovely chatty writing style and the book is a great read. The advice is well written and succinct which means she covers a huge range of topics.

To get your hands on a copy you can head over here or you can buy it direct from the lovely author herself.

you can also check out Sarah's blog (I want to make some of those whipped cream cherry shoes!!) here.

love you more than being an old-dog who learnt a new trick xxx