Friday, March 6, 2015

things that surprise - in my neighbourhood

Living in Adelaide in the summer is not easy for me - once the temperatures start to soar I feel my heat anger (h-anger, if you will) start to set in. I really would happily spend the whole of summer inside and never venture out into the heat at all... I dislike it that much.

So it's good for me to be caught by beautiful outdoors things in summer.

Next to the trees where the boys slack-lined on Saturday, (which happened to be very hot and sticky) there was a group of enormous trees and singing and flying and landing and hanging were hundreds and hundreds of bats.

I have never seen a bat in the wild.

I thought bats were nocturnal.

It was absolutely incredible and very awe inspiring to see these creatures/mammals flying around and nesting in the trees and to hear them singing (is that what you call it?).

That night seeing the bats was Bounce's grateful thing for the day, I think it was mine too.

I discover these are in fact a megabat, perhaps batman has some competition!

Maybe venturing out on the weekend was worth the heat and the sticky.

Do you ever find delight in the most unexpected of places?
What has surprised you lately?

love you more than a grey-headed flying fox xxx