Thursday, March 26, 2015

13/52 Another Vogue 8469

Last year I made Vogue 8469 which I lengthened. To date it has been one of my most worn items. So I was keen to repeat the process.

Initially I thought I would make another maxi dress but the fabric made me think that I might end up looking like I was straight out of a holly hobby photo shoot (in a bad way, not sure that there would be a good way but I'm open to suggestions!).

Sadly the light in our room was most punishing for using the self timer so you are stuck with in the mirror shots.

I love this fabric, strawberries make me happy.

It is a very simple make - I lengthened the top part significantly to make it over the ladies and gave it a little extra width as well. Aside from inserting a zip (which isn't tricky) I think this is a great beginners dress. The design makes it flattering for the curvy lady and the aline skirt hides all sorts of bits and pieces as well.

What is your favourite dress silhouette?

love you more than strawberries and cream xxx