Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Recommend - Wishlists

Sometimes thinking of 6 different gifts to recommend for your children to various family members requires too much brain capacity.

But if you get into the habit (which I haven't but hey maybe it will help you?) of writing in a notebook during the year when you see things you know the kids would like or when they talk about things they want then it makes it all so much easier.

I have done this this year with small thoughts for Christmas gifts or stocking contents and I have to say it means no last minute scramble I know exactly what will be going in each one.

and for me?

well I am a firm believer in book wishlists

and felt wishlists

Sailor two piece swimsuit

Village - Mixed media art print - A5

Polar bear and Cub, Geometric animal print, Original illustration

Tui, New Zealand bird, Geometric bird print, Original illustration

Fishing boat brooch - red

X My Heart Copper & Silver Earrings with Sterling Silver Hooks

Resin Bangle - 4 Colours

Fantail & Hydrangea ....hand printed Tea Towel

Autumn Crocus....hand printed Tea Towel

Magnetic blackboard fridge planner

Objectify Great Wave of Kanagawa Wall Clock

Objectify NZ Wave Wall Clock

Objectify "Cranes Nearby Mt Fuji" Wall Clock

Objectify Grid2 Blue Wall Clock

Better Together Pillow Cases, Wedding Gift Idea, His and Her Pillows

Red Crochet Slippers with Lavender Felt Pompom

Tea towel - Bears' Afternoon Tea

Tree and ladder brooch - oak and white acrylic

Cottage Kitchen

Vintage airplane overlaid on old map of Europe - Print

Winter Garden art print - A5

personalised necklaces

Tui & Fantail *Tea Towel

Stack of three rings with heart and etched designs.

Stripey Swan

clematis earrings

lily earrings

Flying Kereru Brooch

Little red brooch

Vroom Vroom Pendant

that way people have lots of choice, they can feel confident I am getting something I want and also I get a surprise (which I am partial to)

easy huh?

are you a wishlist writer? I like the idea of compiling them during the year rather than the kids writing a massive 'I want' list, although I did find an adorable one somewhere the other day that Flip had done all by himself and forgotten to show us....

What's no. one on your list?

Love you more than a surprise gift under the tree xxx

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