Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello Advent Swap

When a parcel arrives sealed with heart tape and the name of the sender is Cat

you can be fully convinced that you are going to be the recipient of a great deal of thought and love. Cat is just one of those people who couldn't be half-hearted even if she tried. She's just a great big goo-ball of love that lady.

Look at the dear wee measuring tape ribbon they are tied up with!

...and because I know you aren't the jealous, vengeful types but are looking forward to celebrating all my treats I thought I'd share each Tuesday what treats have arrived.

Day One:

Knitted Wreath Christmas Decorations - I love that my tree has almost no shop bought decorations - it's a handmade fiesta and these look so cute.

Day Two:

Oh yes hello aniseed flavour - how I do love you so.

Day Three:

Cue my children singing 'Pop, Bang, Crack goes the Christmas cracker'.

Thank you, thank you Cat I can imagine how fast your knitting needles have been clicking! xxx More treats to show next Tuesday.

My partner was Tracy - lover of all things orange and you can find what I sent if you visit her.

Love you more than squishy packing noodles xxx