Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make My Week - more from stash

This year I joined in with Nin's scrap swap and got it we needed to make a little bag to send some scraps in.

I was given Louana and I thought I'd make a wee 'library bag' style tote rather than trying to make something complicated and not execute it well.

I used a navy scrap, some canvas strapping and a beautiful doily.

I actually got quite excited about the tiny white stitches on the navy inside the bag...reminded me of the Japanese style of Shibori stitching.

It was nice to send away something I liked - these swaps can be fraught with self doubt and 'performance anxiety' sometimes!!

I also thought I'd include a photo of the stitching I did a while ago which I have finally got framed. I love the black matt and frame with the oblong outside and square opening. Although trying to take a picture of it was annoying because of the reflection factor.

I love having things on the walls. There is a bit of stitching now so I might need to start doing it for other people I don't want to venture into the obsessive.....

What sort of stuff do you have on your walls?

Did you enter the giveaway for super cute cupcake cases?

Joining in with Leonie and other creative ladies - sharing for your inspiration.
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Leonie said...

Your creations and swaps are so thoughtful Miriam and Im sure Louana loves the bag, picture and goodies! :)

Sammy said...

I also love things on my walls, it makes a house a home. My favourite would be pictures of the kids (how predictable, haha!) xx
LOve the bag!

Bron said...

Great bag for the swap...I was glad to have sent mine off too and stop worrying whether it was going to be Ok.

Neat idea with the it hanging in your creative area?

Hootnz said...

Love the doily and addition of love in a simple white's very effective and that you made it as library bag is perfect need for anxiety performance at produce beautiful things especially love the framed waves :)

Schulz Family said...

Saw your link on Sunshinex3. Loving what you are doing