Friday, October 5, 2012

Spring Creeps Up All Lovely On Us

I so enjoy the slower pace in the holidays - the making fun wherever we find it. The washing of bears in the sunshine, finding new hidey holes with little friends, going to Clip n Climb with Uncle A.

Sadly The Atlas begun his summer football season by blowing his knee out but he is a very good patient and the sort that still tries to help out and is most grateful for anything done on his behalf. (I'm also selfishly super grateful he didn't do this just before the 2 of us go away on a very special trip in a couple of weeks).

We also really enjoyed mum's shop number 2 with Flip running the shop. Unfortunately all our customers pulled out with sickness but we still had our friend from next door and Daddy was happy to part with some of his pocket money too. Our neighbour who came is so delightful. He walked in and said, 'Wow what a great selection.'

The mail box has been exciting this week too - I received this amazing and generous parcel from Lara whose giveaway I won a while ago. Very excited and inspired about what I might make.

And my new blog card - oh and ah! I know it is a little ridiculous seeing as this blog is a fancy rather than anything serious but as I am often banging on about it to people I thought this is an easier way than trying to find paper to write it on when I tell someone about it. And it's double sided and printed on 100% recycled paper and including postage with a voucher it only cost me $6.... so it's a fancy but no more than a cup of coffee fancy - no judging 'kay? and it has a quote I feel is rather apt for my life.

I can't believe we are already at the end of the first week of holidays!

happy Friday lovelies - may the weekend treat you well x Miriam x


Leonie said...

Love the shop, love the card and love the prize! Hope hubby's knee gets better soon! x

Meghan Maloney Photography said... cool you have your own card n all...where did you get it done out of interest? I so love your shop idea...Flip looks so chuffed to be running it in the pics too. Hope hubby recovers quickly...knees can be a wee bit delicate can't they! Happy weekend to you and your precious family xx

Bron said...

Yay for holidays....cute little shop too.
Love the card, it's such a great idea. x

Hootnz said...

Love the mummy shops... it really is a brilliant idea! oh and why not have your own card... great deal too! Also loving all the dresses your knocking out! and yes I often have neglect the legs days!

Jess B said...

Ooh, a card, exciting! Looks beautiful. x