Friday, October 19, 2012

Love That Swells Your Heart

I'm (hopefully!!) in Melbourne with The Atlas - man of my life.

My boys are in the capable care of family members that love them.
Flip snuggled in to me before I left and said, 'I might miss you mama.' (and he cried)

Little Bounce snuggled in close.

These are the boys that have changed my life forever. The man who asked me to marry him who has loved me and walked beside me for nearly 13 years.

The 2 boys we have been given - gorgeous, sweet, loving, stunning little people that make me laugh

This is the love that swells my heart.

This is what I am grateful for every moment of my life.
I love them.


Elizabeth said...

Hope you have a wonderful time away!

Bron said...

Beautiful....hope you have the most wonderful of times. xx

Miriam said...

Thanks Elizabeth - it was pretty special!

Miriam said...

Thank you so much x