Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Another Wednesday - sadly a series of very average photos - um, sorry about that folks! This is me trying to wear something slightly above the jeans and hoodie that seems to become my winter holiday uniform.

Yeah so the I think I might look better in this outfit in real life..... at least I hope I do! Glad I wore flats though as I was at Flip's swimming lesson and I had to sprint (we had walked) all the way home when I realised I had left the oven on with biscuits baking in it. Seriously unfit - literally could not sprint all the way - must be less than one km, had a sore throat and a cough for a good half hour afterwards due to exertion of running. Also house stinks - grateful for a sunny day when I could open every window and door in the place.

If I said I took the photos after all this it could excuse the facial expressions, blur, and lack of a decent pose - I'd be lying though and I wouldn't do that to you would I? Also I obviously don't actually wear the hood up but it's fun for the photos right?

Jeans - River Island - hand me down
Top - Farmers on sale - I think I paid $7.50.
Jacket - handmade 2010
Earrings - made last week, getting a lot of wear
shoes - el cheapo but I needed some flat shoes so I bought them..... from the warehouse

Pop over and see what slightly more inspired people are wearing this week! Why don't you join in - everyone is welcome and I've set the bar nice and low don't you think??
I'll be back later today with a giveaway winner.
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Notchka said...

That jacket is soo cute! I love the juxtaposition of pretty fabric and hood. Also - glad to know its not only me who leaves the house with the oven on!

Naomi said...

Very fairytale! You look like a modern day Red Riding Hood x