Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bookish - The Giant Jumperee

Kia ora lovelies,

When I saw that Julia Donaldson had a new picture book I was really keen to read it. Donaldson is a great storyteller and has such a skill with rhyme. (One of my pet hates in rhyming books is when the story is weakened to make the words rhyme or when the words aren't phrased properly or the rhymes are weak or clearly an 'only option').

The Giant Jumperee is clearly a story for the toddlers in the bunch. It gorgeously captures the stage of life when one-up-man-ship is a natural state of being and mama knows all. I can see it being a great family book that will encourage rhyming together and imaginative play. As a departure the book is not only in rhyme but switches between.

Helen Oxenbury is the illustrator and I think her style is a perfect choice for this book. Donaldson's books have been paired with various illustrators and I think it's a really important element in terms of their overall success.

A gorgeous, funny, happy text that will be a firm favourites with little 'giant' jumperees everywhere.

Details - The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson, Penguin Random House April 2017, $30.00HB