Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An Irish Pixie

Hey Friends,

Well you may remember I mentioned a wee while ago that my sister and I had a major op-shop fabric win. Today's sew is also made from that haul and it's another green item!

This is a Pixie coat (I made one last year) from Lisa of Twig + Tale. I really love this coat - it's totally easy to throw together and this is the second one I've made myself as well as 3 little people versions.

I'm assuming this fabric is wool and there was plenty of it in my haul to make this hooded coat. The gorgeous lining was a gift from a lovely lady we house sat for in April. The buttons are from my stash and remind me of melted lollipops.

You'll notice that I am wearing the famous poopy pants in these shots as well (anyone would think I liked them!) this was actually my final make for Indie pattern month at The Monthly Stitch. This was the one and only time those pants were worn by me. The coat however has had all sorts of exciting outings over the winter and I know it will be a firm favourite.

You may or may not notice there are patch pockets on the front of the coat that I painstakingly pattern matched across the plaid so they are almost invisible. Yay me!

Due to the fact I already had the pattern, buttons, thread and was given the lining the total cost for this little winner was probably about $3! I call that a win.

love you more than bright green xxx