Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Little Houses Augusta Hoodie

Sup lovelies?

So I saw the Augusta pattern by Named clothing and loved the idea of a pink and blue number, just like their one. Now there are a lot of Named groupies in the interwebs... (my sister pretty much loves every.single.pattern they make) in terms of their usual look I'm not actually a groupie, the Named aesthetic is not really a Miriam aesthetic!

However,  I did love this design and duly purchased the pattern. (A paper version rather than a PDF - because less work!) I sadly discovered not only is the pattern layered, meaning I have to trace it off it also doesn't include the seam allowance.... what the what?!? (Even weirder they do put the seam allowance on their PDF patterns... ummmm, right?) - In their defence their website does state this information but I was shopping with my eyes not my brain at the time!

This meant when it arrived, and I realised, I essentially groaned at the purchase and threw the pattern straight into the naughty corner.

One day when my sew-er sister was over she saw some fab house fabric in my stash and convinced me this was the fabric to use to make the Augusta. I spent 2 sessions of 'sewing time' tracing off the pattern and measuring out the seam allowance - grumbling like a petulant toddler the whole time - I'm really awesome like that.

As a sew-er who really doesn't love the process of cutting out the pattern and the fabric, this process is basically a deal breaker for me. (sorry, Named patterns tracing and seam adding is was 2 straws too many for this particular camel).

Having whinged for so long on this post I LOVE this hoodie. I like that it has the piping on the sleeve, the raglan sleeves, the lined hood, the cute welt pockets and the ribbing.

The pattern came together really well and it has a nice mix of slightly more complex elements - like the welt pockets - with mostly simple construction.

I lined the hood in some fab vintage floral fabric that has been floating around in my stash for longer than I can remember. I love the juxtaposition. Instead of closing with snaps I sewed popper domes into it and then added decorative buttons from an op-shop. Super pleased with that decision.

It hits a mark for me which I find hard - dressed up I can do, but 'fun casual' is something I need more of in my wardrobe.

Am I going to make this pattern again, yes definitely, it is a great pattern. I may have already purchased material for the next one, and pre-washed it! Look at me!

Will I buy another paper pattern from Named? Probably not, unless they start adding seam allowance to their patterns. Is this a great loss for them? Not at all, they have hoards of adoring fans (my sister may take top spot) who clearly don't give a rip about their approach to pattern printing. Also they are designing in a way that ticks the boxes for a LOT of people that aren't me.

Finally, these photos were taken by The Atlas at the national dog show - this wasn't an outing I picked but my children and husband LOVED it. (The agility section was actually quite fun to watch - especially when the dogs completely ignored their owners and did their own thing!)

and the falling down sunnies in the pictures - urgh, what can I say? Clearly The Atlas thinks I am so gorgeous he fails to see these things (that's the story I'm telling myself - and him!).

love you more than a runaway dog with a smile on his face and an owner chasing after xxx