Friday, October 28, 2016

Whoop I Made Some Um-er-alls McCalls 7551

Tena Koutou,

When Bounce was a wee fella he used to say Um-er-alls instead of overalls - which is totally a word I adopted into my vernacular.

A while ago I saw a photo of the designer of the little wooden hoops I've made necklaces from and she was wearing a fabulous pair of half length, loose denim umeralls.

I decided on the spot I too should have a pair - as you do. Or perhaps, as I do!

While out op-shopping recently (this is clearly a theme in my life. Although this blog makes it sound much more frequent than I think it is) I found a pattern for 50c. It's a McCalls pattern 7551 - unsurprisingly I couldn't find anyone who'd made them on the interwebs (perhaps I'll start a trend!).

When I got home I found a piece of denim that was just large enough and I set about whipping myself up a pair. I was severely tempted to abandon ship at the thought of sewing 7 button holes in denim, thankfully a light-weigh denim, but I persevered.

Now I have a pair of definitely less flattering but I am certain - significantly cheaper - the only thing I purchased for this make was the pattern at 50cents - umeralls.

SO comfy. Yes I have worn them out in public, thanks for asking. I feel they are something I will have some fun with even if they aren't doing me any particular favours.

What have you left the house in recently when comfort superseded style?

Flip and Bounce took the photos - these were the 'best' of a questionable selection!

love you more than a programmed buttonhole xxx