Monday, September 7, 2015

Yeah I Made It... part 3 of the pledge 37/52

People I'm getting all up on my pledge. You knew I could do it, didn't you?

This dress is another of the Ruby Dress by Sew Simple. Yes another banged out (and maybe more in the pipeline....). I love this fabric.

But I may have needed to think a little about how a diagonal stripe might work when making a dress like this, or nay dress. Hmmm.... thinking in retrospect, kind of tiring.

So here it is. Favourite part is the full zipper down the back - a little risky some may say, but what is life without a little adventure now and again - plus I also no longer own toddlers. This could be a very dangerous dress for toddler owners.

I love the gold and navy and I'm coming around to the weird mind-bending behaviour of the stripes on the skirt. Plus - pledge achieved. Let's have a whoop about that.

How about you? Are the weird stripes working for you or are you rummaging for something to fix the migraine you feel coming on? Sorry about that - just imagine the effect of me in real life bopping about in it. There that's made things worse now hasn't it?

Outfit details.
Dress - Sew Simple Ruby Dress pattern
Necklace - Oxfam
Tights - possibly a hand me down
Bracelet - silver, from a second hand vintagey type shop
Shoes - Novo
Sunglasses - the reject shop (I am a fashionista to aspect to!!)
Earrings - a gift

not the end of Ruby dresses in this neighbourhood, but the end for today.

Tell me dear ones what mistake have you made lately. Go on, we're all friends here.

love you more than a fabulous zip xxx