Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yeah I Made it 39/52... for the Ladies


Our church is participating over the year in an anti trafficking fundraiser for women in Nepal. You can find out more here.

Saturday is a women's breakfast, because you know us ladies we like food and we ain't gonna lie. Tickets are sold for the breakfast with all profits going to the charity but then they also have stuff you can buy on the day like merino infinity scarves and baking on vintage plates, and let's face it baking done by someone else is always more tasty! (or, contains almond essence and glace cherries - blurk! Don't you hate it when that happens??!).

So a non-crafty friend and I whipped up 18 polymer clay necklaces to sell. When I say whipped up what I really mean is ate chocolate and chatted while doing damage to our thumbs. Evidence below:

I always find it supremely rewarding when people's practical gifting can be used to bring real and meaningful difference to other people. We spent just below $50 and will possibly make nearly $200 for the cause. That's a good return on a blistered thumb in my books.

It's a little thing/philosophy of mine that rather than thinking we can't make a difference perhaps we could all just start with what talents we have and see how those pan out for us.

love you more than spending frenzy at a charity event xxx