Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In My Neighbourhood - The Movenpick Shop

Ice cream lovers and others - welcome!

We have a little tradition of a mama and boy date for birthdays around here. I have the totally intentional aim of training my boys to think that going on a date with just mum is something that can and should be enjoyed, in the hope it will continue into their adulthoods!

So we are a little late with this date but finally my newly 9-year-old, and I, got to the Movenpick Shop/Cafe. It was his pick. It was also his job to do all the ordering and to do the paying (with my money).

The waitresses were rather taken with him and we ended up with another scoop of ice-cream after I took this photo. We ordered fondue for 2 and he had a raspberry sorbet drink and I had a green tea smoothie.

He chose raspberry sorbet and blackcurrant and cream ice-cream for the ice cream flavours and they were very nice against the velvety chocolate. All in all if you are an ice-cream lover a very pleasant way to while away an afternoon in Adelaide.

love you more than a chocolate dipped pink marshmallow xxx