Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make My Week - Easter

At Christmas time there was so much anticipation

I made an advent calendar, we decorated, we p r e p a r e d

and at Easter - the best bit - I dropped the ball

So yesterday I made the boys some 'Resurrection Eggs'

I found an excellent tutorial and print out here.

I went to 4 shops and finally found some very large eggs at spotlight (probably needed to think about this a little earlier me thinks). For $6 (the eggs), 60 cents (in one of the eggs) and some printing which I did for free I now have something special to use every Easter.

Everything else was at home. I objected to the purple cloth when the Bible says scarlet - so I chose scarlet. I know purple represents royalty and they were mocking the 'royalty' of Jesus when they clothed him in the robe but to me scarlet represents more accurately - the Bible translation, the blood he bled on my behalf and the sin he washed away.

Now they are in a bowl ready to be looked at and on Good Friday we will have a candlelight dinner and open them all. We'll do the same on Easter morning.

I've got all our Easter books and stories out and put them out.

I want the joy, the sacredness, the wonder, the HOPE of Easter to hang in the air with the scent of hot cross buns and the knowledge of welcome, sweet, unwarranted, undeserved, but freely given welcome into the Father's embrace.

Joining in with Leonie with this most simple of projects because sometimes the simple things I make are the ones that mean the most.

Do you do anything special for Easter?

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Cat said...

I love this idea . . . such a great simple way to explain to the kids
So many books/stories too I'll have to hunt through ours and see what we have
Just pulled our decorations out last night

Schulz Family said...

Miriam that is amazing. I have followed your links and the details are great. I have never seen this done before - certainly not at my or the boys Sunday School. Too late now but this idea is stored for next year


Hi Miriam - I have enjoyed looking through your blog - I found you through the NZ mummy roll. I too am a believer and have used the opportunities of Christmas and Easter to steer them to the real meanings of these seasons. Trust you have a wonderful Easter with your family. Cathy

Leonie said...

Love this - what a brilliant way to relay the message. We are working on our traditions - but this one will have to become one!

Andrew and Rachel's Mum said...

We do the resurrection eggs but one egg a night over the easter period. I like the idea of the different books. 'A' (6.5yrs) is really keen to make an easter model tomorrow.

Bron said...

Resurrection eggs are great I have commercial bought ones that I use in Kids church....great idea with making them yourself. Have a great Easter. xx

Sammy said...

Great idea! LOve bringing it back to Jesus xxx