Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Openings

It's been a busy week - activities and expectations rise and suddenly I realise how mush there is still is to do that can't be done until just before....
DAY nine

But each morning we have had the delight of unwrapping. I love the concept of this swap the joy of being allowed to open something every day, of pausing to feel blessed that someone has thought of you. Of unwrapping a gift with genuinely no idea of what might be in it!!
DAY ten

I so appreciate the work Cat put in to pairing people up who suited each other
DAY eleven (the boys smelly markers had already been squirreled into bags for show and tell!)

and Leonie's thoughtful selections
DAY twelve

and her gorgeous hand-crafting
DAY thirteen (and more special characters for our magnetic nativity)

and her generosity to the boys (their gifts are disappearing into their room very quickly!)
DAY fourteen

Bounce got his crocheted bauble off the tree the other day just to show me again 'this is the one I got first Mama and it's still lasting.'
DAY fifteen (the lace is wrapped around a whole box of licorice - yum!)

10 days left until Christmas. I hope your weekend is filled with everything good.


Leonie said...

Big hugs to you guys xx Loving that you're loving it xx

Miriam said...

we really, really are you lovely generous woman x