Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Of God With Us

And he will be called Emmanuel - meaning God with us.

This Christmas this is the part of the story that captures my heart - God with Us.

Not God far away and watching us from a distance

Not God foreign unable to be comprehended

Not a frightening angry God

God with us



knowing us

dwelling with us

this is the Jesus of Christmas

with me

capable of loving me as I am

capable to change my story

able to redeem my mess

Merry Christmas lovely friends - may you too know the tangible experience of God with you


Judith said...

Merry Christmas! ... J

Rachel said...

Beauiful. Just visiting from Meredy's blog. Your blog is beautiful. Merry Christmas :)

jacksta said...

merry christmas Miriam and family!

Leonie said...

Beautiful xx