Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Adventy Goodness

The joy is still a flowing on the adventy awesomeness round these parts. :o) Today I'm letting the pictures speak for themselves....

Day Sixteen (and a gorgeous Ingrid Michelson CD which is in the car)

Day Seventeen

I'm a lucky girl right??

Day Eighteen - the boys were outside at 7.05am with their chalk pens!

Day Nineteen

If you are keen to see what I've been sending (not as exciting!) you can find some posts over here on Leonie's lovely blog :o) 

Day Twenty

Day Twenty-One
and these awesome DIY decorations that are now proudly on the tree

Day Twenty-Two (and the wisemen have arrived for our magnetic nativity)

For those heading off on Christmas travels this weekend I pray safety in the journey and joy in the reception. Merry Christmas lovely friends xxx


tartankiwi said...

wow, wow, wow and wow again! That Leonie is a talented and generoous one isn't she! Come to think of it that makes her the perfect partner for you!
Merry Christmas Miriam and family!

Judith said...

You can never, ever have tooo much Christmas crafty things to whip up at this time of the year - love all that you have done! Tree looks brilliant - enjoy Christmas, and I hope Santa is good to you...J

Leonie said...

The best part is that youre all enjoying it so very much :) warm fuzzies xx

Miriam said...

oh you are so sweet! and yes she very much is x

Miriam said...

thanks so much I love that the tree is covered in handmade things

Miriam said...

very warm fuzzies xx

Leonie said...

Oh everything is AMAZING! What a talented lady she is!!

Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Such a fabulous collection of goodies! You are such a lucky lady to be so spoilt! And a fabulous way to get in the Christmas spirit, with gifts throughout the year!! Love it!

:) Hazel