Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When Christmas Comes Early

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A wee while ago we got a parcel in the post - a very big parcel - addressed to mama but really for a little Thomas lover.

oh the shiny eyes

oh the big excitement

oh the unwrapping and the ohs and ahs

a very happy little camper.

Bounce spent the rest of the day playing with it and I have had request after request for it to be out. I was rather stoked Daddy was home when it arrived it was so cute to watch them unpack it and 'man-talk' while they put it together!! Later in the week when it was my turn to put it together Bounce said to me at one point, 'It's okay mama we can wait for Daddy' and when I did manage it, 'Wow mama you did a really good job'. Gotta love an encouraging kid!! It's not actually that hard to put together I must say I just have some spatial construction issues (you don't know what I mean? How strange *wink*)

When Flip got home he was so excited to see it he forgot to take his school bag off before he started playing with it.

The thing I enjoy most about watching Bounce play with it is the inner audible dialogue I get to hear. Little instructions and the oh, whoops, just a minute, this is the way, switch this, hey come here(when he forgets to switch onto the course he wants). With the different places to stop and the track switch and boulder shoot there is a lot to make him feel like he really is in control of the track.

This is one of those toys that everyone has played with when they come over (and I mean the adults too - oh yes, the Daddies that have popped in may have had a more difficult time than the little ones with the distraction factor).

This 'Thomas Trackmaster' set reminds me a bit of the 'death drop' at primary school. The brave and coordinated used to sit at the top of the bars and flip backwards and then onto the ground (landing of course on their feet - it's probably banned now). Thomas stops to unload his load (down the chute and into the flying fox thingy (Mama is not a train expert!) and then takes a leap from one track and lands on the rest and speeds home.

Bounce loves Thomas so much - he has always had such a thing for machines and trains and this was the most amazing thing for us to receive in the post. We made a little movie of him doing his thing I kind of like this one because you can see how excited he is hopping along between the bits. It doesn't show all the ways it works but I just adore his obvious delight watch for the jumping with happiness toward the end.

Actually this little film is also available to watch here. In the same place there are other cuties playing with their Thomas Trackmasters and if you want to you can vote for your fav (read your fav not my film this is not a fishing-for-your-vote post! Unless of course you want to give me your vote, which I will happily receive!). Guess what - your vote also enters your Thomas lover into an a.ma.z.i.n.g prize draw. (Which I am assured is open to New Zealanders.)

You can find us on line here 

You can also make your own film of your wee one doing their own Thomas-thing and enter them into your video competition part as well.

There are weekly prizes of trackmaster product and at the end of the 'campaign':

The winner will receive $3000 worth of Thomas product and a family trip to Puffing Billy, with your wee Thomas lover being a conductor on Thomas on the day. (That's a free trip to Victoria in Australia!! - whoot)

Of course should you all fall in love with my video and vote us in as the winner I will accept with all the humility you have come to expect and love me for - oh wait that is someone else I was thinking of!! 

Don't tell me I never give you the in! :o) Okay so I hardly ever have an in but this is cool right?


Sophie Slim said...

I so want to vote for bounce but the video isn't working and I can't find his on the site!! :(

Miriam said...

Oh no - I need some help to upload it properly into the site for some reason. Hopefully it will be up tonight.... :o) xx

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

I want to vote for your video toooooooo! Will check again tomorrow x