Monday, October 15, 2012

We Recommend for Under 5s

This week I thought I'd talk about a great little game called Two by Two. It's an orchard game and I have to say they do seem to produce fantastic games. I'm sure many of you would be familiar with the supermarket game? (You turn a card over and check it against your shopping list and if there is a match you put it in your trolley. Another great one for under and over 5s).

This game is a 'memory' style game. You have to find pairs of animals and post them into the ark.

If you are us you also sing, 'the [rhinos] went in 2 by 2, hoorah, hoorah' twice as they make their way to the ark.

The thing I like about this game is because you 'post' your pairs as soon as you have them it is all about celebrating the finding and posting and there is no real winner at the end. This makes it a sweet game to play with little ones because they can all sing and if you are feeling especially benevolent you can give them your pairs to post if they aren't having much joy finding their own.

We've lost some animals along the way but we don't mind odd partnerships in our game.

Next bonus is that it is small and compact to store - not necessary I realise but for me something I appreciate. And at the end of the game it is all packed up and you put the ark in the box. Sweet!

I have been doing some posts about games we enjoy in case you need inspiration. These aren't sponsored.


Creative Mama said...

These are awesome games. We have the shopping game and it has been a great memory game and also a game in taking turns :D

Leonie said...

Ohhh this one sounds great! Love the singing - we love making up our own soundtracks too!

Miriam said...

yeah and they really are simple enough for them to 'get' but satisfying to play as a big person

Miriam said...

We are such a 'song for any occasion' family too :o)