Monday, April 23, 2012

On Taking Risks

I quite like feeling competent and talented.... and truthfully without taking any risks these are easy feelings to come up with.
If I do what I know I can do well and bemoan lack of opportunity for really having a chance to show my talents I can convince myself that it is the world missing out on me rather than me not being good enough.
This weekend I attended a masterclass with an amazingly talented woman, which both excited and terrified me - how exciting to spend a day focused on something I loved, how terrifying that I may discover I am not 'the best' at what I want to do.
Interestingly one of the really strong themes that came through for the day was about being comfortable that you are enough and not having to 'try' to be.
How much of our daily lives are a performance - trying to prove that we are who we say we are? or who we would like to be? When it comes down to our dreams are we really sure that, with some work and energy, we are enough....... are we brave enough to really go there?
Are you taking risks with your dreams? Are you getting out of the boat to see if you can indeed walk on water?
For a long time, too long, I have equated criticism with rejection - I'm not all there yet - but in creative pursuits, and maybe in all things, if you truly want to grow you have to be able to hear truth that hurts and embrace it because of what it will produce in you long term.
We are SO privileged to live in a time, in a country, in a culture that allows us opportunity to stretch ourselves in the direction of our dreams..... the question is are you prepared to go to that vulnerable place?

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Simoney said...

This is a brilliant and thought provoking post. Just what i needed to read today, thanks Miriam. Love it.