Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday

This morning as I lay in bed unwilling to get up Flip came and sat in with me.
'Mama are you sick?'
'No, why my darling.' (thinking I am about to explain how grown ups like sleep ins)
'You smell like sick.'

and there started my Friday. Love it - I love how kids can be so insulting without anything other than - good conscience and a dose of truth.

This week I am loving generous people who are donating to and promoting - Unfolding Hope

I'm loving a very generous shopping voucher and a late night shopping trip to spend money on myself. (as a rule I don't really shop with the boys unless absolutely necessary - no fun for either party - and judging by some of the comments I heard people making to their kids last night......)
I'm loving boys who play together happily day after day (except when they don't, which is hardly ever in their defence)

I'm loving that when I went the to the library sale a few months ago I found a recipe book I had got out and tried to buy but it was out of print - $10 - thank you very much - and this very awesome peanut butter and dark chocolate fudge that resulted.

I'm a bit mesmerized by how it looks.

and I'm loving 3 boys who genuinely enjoy each other and like watching football highlights on you tube (I also appreciate that they are happy for me not to)

and inspiration for new projects.....
and opportunities to speak....
and let's not forget the sun that is going to dry about 4 loads of washing for me today
and I haven't forgotten make my week I'll be posting that tomorrow.

What's making you grateful today/this week?


Jess B said...

That fudge looks amazing!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Bless little Flip! That fudge looks amazing, love the swirly patterns. If we didn't have a mountain of easter eggs to get through, I'd consider making it this weekend...

Bron said...

What a bargain find of a book and the fudge looks amazing ...hope it tasted just as good. x