Thursday, April 12, 2012


Whether we want to or we could care less we are having an impact constantly -
you know that person you spoke to rudely when they gave you bad service,
that person you smiled at in the elevator,
that child you commented loudly about when they were playing up at the doctor's

all of them are having some kind of day, some kind of battle, some kind of journey....

We are so attuned to our rights, the kind of service we deserve, the kind of way we want to be treated.....

we quickly speak up about those we disapprove of.... but are we deserving of approval?

We live in a world where women and men and children are sold and traded and abused without mercy, seen only for their capacity to make a profit....
and we look the other way, because it is too hard.....

Would you join with us - unfolding hope - and do your bit to stop looking the other way
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There are some amazing prizes to be won......but more than that there are lives to be freed forever..... because of your input. (More info at the top of the page - click on the tabs)

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