Monday, April 16, 2012

As Close As I Will Get to a Vlog

For those who have been around blogging for a bit you will have seen wee vids on people's blogs called vlogs (I guess verbal-blog??)
A vlog is generally a great way to 'see' and 'hear' the person behind the blog.
as a professional idiot (although no one pays me for it!) I'm not sure I'd do a vlog that would achieve anything other than make you worried about my mental and psychological state....
But I did speak at my church last night and one friend said to me afterwards, 'it's just you but at the front with a microphone'.... so if you've ever wondered about what I sound like or the kind of things I say with microphone in hand you can do it here.

And here is a photo so you can pretend I am doing a very long vlog!


Widge said...

Awesome Stuff M! listened while I made dinner tonight :)

Miriam said...

Thanks! X