Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bookish - Māori At Home

Kia ora Whånau,

In Aotearoa this week it is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori. My first step has been to set up a Måori keyboard on my computer so I can add macrons/tohuto to the words I am familiar with. As you can see this is still a work in progress because my computer isn't adding a macron it's adding some other weird thing. (I would know what that weird thing was if grammar had been more popular to teach when I went through the education system, but that is a whole other thing!)

I was super excited to request Måori at Home by Scott and Stacey Morrison and I am hopeful that it will improve and inspire my own basic reo use at home and school. The book is super accessible with a warm and encouraging introduction that inspires you to have a plan and have a go.

The rest of the chapters are divided into places where you may commonly be with whånau. Things like 'before school', 'the playground' and the 'digital world' are included. These chapters are predominantly about the kupu (words) you would use in these places but also include simple sentences, sentence starters and some family activities that could help you build reo in that context.

I think this book is an excellent start person for any person who'd like to have a go with their tamariki in using reo but feels a little out of their depth - either kupu or grammar wise. It is a very user friendly resource and I am planning to use it with my whånau and also in the contexts where I am teaching.

Tau ké! - Magnificent! (and the macron has changed again ??)

I would so encourage anyone to have a go, many of us are just on baby steps but those are better than no steps at all and we are setting an example for the tamariki that look up to us. :-)

And just as I come to the end I've worked it out! Watch out world - I may have macrons sorted!

Details - Penguin Random House NZ, September 2017 RRP $35.00

love you more than a kupu o te ra xxx