Monday, September 18, 2017

Bookish - The Choice

Hiya Peeps,

So when I saw The Choice by Dr. Edith Eger on the list of new books coming out from Penguin Random House I really wavered between wanting to read it and thinking 'oh I just can't read holocaust books.' I find the horrors of war stories and what people endured very difficult but I was also really interested in Dr. Eger's message.

Boy am I glad my curiosity won out. What an amazing, moving and challenging read.

Dr. Eger tells her story of being sent to Auschwitz at sixteen and the life she endured there, her liberation, and the ways in which her history continued to inform her present even after being physically freed.

She now and internationally renowned psychologist who works with patients and also all over the world.

The book is her story but it is also a challenging and remarkable invitation to find freedom ourselves wherever we may be. To make choices and live in ways that invite ourselves and others to life life free with curiosity and ecstasy.

As soon as I finished it, in fact before I did I was recommending it to others for their must read list. Read it yourself and buy one for a friend for Christmas.

Details - Penguin Random House, September 2017 RRP $35.00

Beautiful. Hopeful. Purposeful.

love you more than a perfect day for reading xxx