Thursday, April 7, 2016

So I Sort Of Made Something Else

Babes, How are you?

So, way back in February the Monthly Stitch (way more fun than the general 'monthly') had a UFO challenge - which is essentially about finishing projects you started and abandoned because something better came along.

Surprisingly, given my bone grating difficulty in finishing things (I'm a very enthusiastic starter!), I don't really have UFOs in my sewing room. Also I currently have no sewing room but that's another thing.... anyway

I remembered that I had 2 dresses from op-shops that I needed to do some work on before they could be worn out.

This genuinely vintage number cost me $30 from the red cross shop in Adelaide which is a lot for me to spend in an opshop, but.... the fabric, so good!

I really made very little change to it at all - the hem had been hacked off and required something other than a raw edge. It was a little large so my mama pinned some back darts in and also the side seems were slightly too wide for an a-line. (I think it must have started life as a maxi).

I love this dress - it makes me feel like a 1960s Air New Zealand stewardess. It gets a lot of comments too.

The guy I'm hugging? I don't know his name but he walked past while my sister and I were doing outfit photos at The Tannery. I am a full hugger kind of person - I just don't do limp insipid hugs, urghhh (although there is a too-much line as well, just sayin).

Here's to any kind of creative projects that are finished even if the deadline was ages ago. The Atlas saw the photo titled 'before' in our email box and his face paled as he said, with the dread of a man who hasn't appropriately noticed, 'Have you had a haircut?'

Bless him.

What op-shop scores have you had lately?

love you more than a half hour job that could have been done months ago xxx