Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Swap

ummmm... hi and stuff,

it's been a while

So how's it been gorgeous people? I've been thinking of y'all. :-) Just not blogging.

The wonderful Kimberley, who I suspect may be the sole reason that NZ post hasn't gone under, arranged an Easter swap and I got paired with lovely Glenda. (She doesn't have a blog)

This is what I sent her. Glenda told me she's not much of a chocolate lover so I held off on the chocolate and went more for the birds.

And here is the wonderful parcel I received from her, so many gorgeous treats to enjoy!

Swaps are a lot of fun to do because you have all the joy of putting treats together for another person and all the excitement of knowing an unknown parcel will arrive for you.

So, how's life lovelies??

love you more than a brown paper package tied up with string xxx