Friday, February 26, 2016

School Days

The boys school has an amazing PE teacher, one of those teachers that goes above and beyond all.the.time.

Week 2 for Flip kicked off with an ironman - 100m swim, 2km bike ride and 1km swim. All the year 5-10 (9-14 year olds) children participated. Some did it as individuals and some in teams.

Flip competed as an individual.

The following week Bounce had a triathlon for all the rest of the school children. The very smallest children (8 of them) did a duathlon in teams but all the rest did 3 events - teams and individuals.

Bounce competed as an individual.

Both of them did so well. The are persevere kids rather than fierce competitors but they are able too. We got 7th and 3rd so that's nothing to sneeze at.

Gorgeous kids.

love you more than a sore from cheering throat xxx