Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yeah I Made It 30/52 - Blankies

Warm and Cozy Wishes,

When we happened upon a 40% off all fabric, even the ones on sale, Bounce didn't need to do much to convince me to whip him up a soft blanky. For two 1.5x1.5m blankies - blue one side and red the other I paid just under $21.

The making was a doddle - right sides together, leave a small gap, turn right way out and sew all the way around the edges again.

I added a tiny patch of something they each selected from my scraps so there is no arguing over whose is whose. Not that we ever argue here!! ;-)

We are gathering rather a slew of warm rugs and blankies here but really in winter is there anything nicer to do than snuggle under a blankie and read???

love you more than fabric so soft it makes you purr xxx