Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In My Neighbourhood - The State Library

Hello dear readers,

Despite my flagrant disrespect for the place of commas I do actually harbour a desire to write books and stories. Trouble is, the days I am at home between 9-3 I often get sucked into the vortex of washing, email checking, blog writing, reading, baking, folding mounds of washing (scrap that one, I should be folding mounds of washing but I hardly ever do)..... suffice to say that writing tends to get squeezed out of the focus it needs.

So the other day I decided to take my pen and paper, I'm old school like that, and head to the State Library.

I sat with other people on laptops and computers in the awe-some place that is the old part of the state library and wrote. So peaceful, so bookish, so lovely. Pretty sure they have free wi-fi and really for a person who needs to not be distracted by jobs and chit chat this tops them all.

Where I sat, there are lots of these booths.
Even if you aren't inclined to writing or studying this is a beautiful place to walk through and breathe in the atmosphere. Also need I say - movie set???!!!

love you more than a shelf of books with bound covers xxx