Thursday, October 30, 2014

Make My Week - Vogue 8469

I find it very difficult to not just have a 'wee rummage' (you would not believe the teasing I get for the use of the word 'wee' in Australia! And it seems I use it a lot without realising!) through the Vogue pattern draw when I see a 'all patterns $5' sign.


So it is already ridiculously hot here - we have already had a day of 35 degrees! I am already going on about the weather - it is going to be a long summer of whinging I suspect! In the heat sometimes a lady just needs a good maxi so she can sit like a man and let the air circulate!

I saw this fabric at the same time when I was out looking for chair fabric (no dice on that - oops bought some things for a new dress instead).

I made it into a maxi shape by just making the skirt sections as long as I could with the fabric I had. I hit on the perfect length by complete accident - whoop!

Contrast sash from left over orange and I made the tie lengths equal rather than the pattern suggestion and tie them front or back - as you can see.

I cut the 12 which was the top size in the pattern but added length to front and back shoulder straps and graded out (by eye) in the bust and in the sash. I also lengthened the bodice under the bust as well to make sure the sash sat under the ladies.

Super pleased with this. Finished it on Friday morning before school and wore it Friday and Sunday - it's so good. It's all I can do not to wear it every day. I love the fabric and colours and that even though the patterns don't match on the seams the lines at least do.

Also yes the heat and sun is so extreme I wear my hats inside now too!! (not really, but do you like my new hat? I do.)

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