Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Week - How to Know You Are An Optimist

So today is a little tour through the stacks of books at my place.

When I started taking photos of these stacks I thought, only an optimist would think that they will be able to read all this and keep getting more books out of the library!

There are books under the computer - these are new and as yet unread (or just started)

some to review

some faith books

some crafty books

then there is the day I went to the library and every single book, (bar 2 - and of those 1 was for my son) on the hold shelf under our last name initial, was for me

and then there are a few others I grabbed just because they caught my eye

my current and the book we are currently reading aloud to the boys

plus there are a couple of different versions of the Bible I picked up the other day - just to mix things up

Despite all these piles I seldom read during the day unless it's while I am waiting for something - somehow reading during the day seems too indulgent.... or maybe it's a throw back from the first week of my maternity leave when I read 5 novels in 5 days and felt a bit booked-out,

 but I'm thinking if I want to make any progress on this pile I may need to allow myself some indulgent reading hours under the air-con.

How about you - are there books stashed around your house too??

I may have another book week when I make some progress into this mighty stack....

I'll be back in the weekend though to review some picture books that the boys are enjoying.

love you more than a whole day of reading in a cool spot xxxx