Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What We're Reading - Lucas and Jack

Recently I met the head of Working Title Press, who publish wonderful books for little people. (She is the Aunt to one of Flip's favourite friends and we met by chance in the playground at pick up time).

Bounce had already chosen one of their titles at Adelaide Writers festival when we let them buy a book each. He chose Nightwatch by Phil Cummings which is a very cute story that he really enjoys (and feels especially fond of because he chose it).

After meeting Jane I came home with a copy of Lucas and Jack by Ellie Royce and Andrew McLean to review. (Don't you love those kind of meetings??!)

Lucas and Jack is one of those children's books that makes me feel a bit tearful, we've spoken about this before! It's essentially the journey of a young boy in an old people's home discovering all these boring old people are actually interesting, amazing, exciting people, that are now old.

Jack befriends Lucas while Lucas is waiting, bored for his mother to finish her weekly visit to Pop. Jack gives Lucas the gift of his time, his story telling and his perspective.

Can you tell why this is my favourite page? Red ballet shoes - yes please!
This would be a perfect read for any families who are in a stage of visiting grandparents in strange surroundings and for families who want to communicate value for everyone - whatever their age and stage.

It feels both lighthearted and heavy weight in it's telling. There are several families I will be recommending this book to personally as they journey with grandparents and great grandparents. It would also be a nice discussion starter for teaching about aged care and the elderly in general.

Details - Published by Working Title Press, August 2014 $24.99, it also has teacher notes available with it.

love you more than books that require tissues xxx