Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do You Ever Think About...

how we hold super fit, muscly people up as if their example is something we should all aspire to

...and yet

we don't seem to do the same with people who have amazing character?

yes, fitness comes with hard work

but I think character requires much more difficult work, more tears, more opening up to hidden places and disappointments, more peeling back layers of hurt and forgiving ourselves and others,

more realising that we aren't there yet
more grace given to others that aren't there either
more self-denial than avoiding a second serving
more grit and determination than press-ups and sprints.

Is it because we can't 'see' character? or

Is it because we place more value on what we see?

I'd like to be fit and muscly but I'd like to have character more. Somehow I think character will see me healthy through more years than muscles. But there are days when I care more about the outward and less about the inward.

Do you find that too?

My values say character is more important but my behaviour and thoughts don't always reflect that.

If I asked myself what I am doing to build a healthy fit body I could answer that in an instant.

If I asked myself what I am doing to build enduring character that would take so much more thought. I wish that weren't true but it is.

What do you do to build an inspiring, buff character?

love you more than stopping to ask myself hard questions xxx