Wednesday, June 25, 2014

100 days

There is a challenge I saw here recently.

100 things, 100 days - one creative thing done 100 times.

And I would like to join in but I really only want to join in if I can actually realise the 100 days and complete it.

100 days is a long time. I do figure if there is any time in any year of my life this is the most likely one to be able to do it. I am doing a lot less than I have any other year for a long time. Which is not to say I am doing nothing (although I'm still pretty rubbish at cleaning and exercising, which completely proves the fact that you make time for what matters!).

I'm tossing up between some different ideas:

1. to hand carve a stamp each day with a weekly theme and possibly write a little poem, or inspiring thought, or choose a Bible verse each day to go with them. I think this is achievable - I should be able to carve a stamp in about half an hour - I can find half an hour each day.

2. to do some illustrative stitchery each day. I like the idea of this because it matches well with skills I am building at the moment in my Lectionary reflections (on my other blog, a couple of weeks behind) and also on a book I am working on (keeping quiet about it at present - it feels a bit fragile and precious at the moment). But I'm not sure how much I would achieve each day. At the moment I'm thinking of working on 10cm squares possibly only in one colour.

3. To write, rewrite or edit every day. I have a couple of stories (for picture books) floating in my head at the moment and it would be nice to dedicate some time to them - although I obviously won't achieve 100 stories the process should lead to some well edited work.

So what'd'ya think? Should I? Which one should I do? Or should I just leap?

love you more than a challenge completed in completeness xxx