Friday, June 1, 2012


Often times it is so easy to get caught in the stream of concerns and cares.... and these are most often about nothing important. Our perspective on life is so limited to the direct moment, confrontation, desire, frustration that is immediately in front of us.

How quickly we forget success past, perfect moments, carefree days and get stuck in the swamp of stuff that is right now.

There is a gorgeous verse in the Bible that says, 'Who of you by worrying can add a centimetre to your height or even one extra day to your life?' Age-old wisdom, relevant.

Today I am grateful for this little man who sits on my back and plays with my hair, who is absorbed in every moment, present and connected. I am grateful for the age-old wisdom I see played out perfectly in young-life.

Other grateful people at Meghan the marvellous photographer's blog.

What has captured your thoughts this week?


Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I love that sweet photo of your boy playing with your hair - so precious! Love that verse, so wise. And *blushing* with your lovely comment too :-)

Miriam said...

a well deserved compliment I assure you

Wilks Floor said...

It was so precious of this little boy to be so attached to mommy, like the one photo showing his focus on playing with your hair. Even though you're so busy with daily tasks, he never fails to place a smile on your face as a sort of stress reliever in between the working hours.

huana said...

So precious! Make me smile!