Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wide Legged Pants and Narrow Fabric - Simplicity 3688

Hi y'all,

So I determined that I should not stop my pants endeavour with the poopy-pants-parade! Last year in Adelaide I bought some gorgeous kimono style fabric at an op-shop. I say kimono style because of the feel of the fabric, the Japanese symbols written onto the band of the fabric, the design and the width of the fabric (very narrow, maybe 40cm).

This time I went for a high waisted, wide legged style. I used my sister's (the pant queen) pattern. A re-interpreted 40s style Simplicity 3688 pattern.

I cut the 14 but then freaked out and made the seams narrower, I probably could have done the straight 14. Because the fabric was so narrow I had to sew some extra onto the side in order to get the full crotch width required for the back pieces.

I also lengthened them a bit too because I am freaked out by not-quite-long-enough trousers.

I'm really pleased with the final result, even though Bounce said, "It looks like you are wearing your pyjama pants".

Can we also take a moment to be suitably surprised and stoked that the pattern/ line of the pattern actually works all the way around the legs and across the crotch. Colour me surprised and stoked because I didn't actually think about this while I was cutting out - yay!

I wore them for a full day of work and out in the evening - all good. Really pleased with the shape and drape.

hashtag - winforthepants!

Who knows, this could become a thing!

love you more than a completed success xxx