Monday, November 14, 2016

Mutant Monsters and Accidental Feminist Art

Hey lovelies,

Recently we had FESTA in Christchurch and we attended the Mutant Monster workshop as the family. The premise is about taking landfill toys and pulling them apart to make new 'art works'.

We had SO much fun doing this (I may have had the most fun!).

Initially I struggled with the chopping up part but once I got started it was very liberating.

I ended up creating these 3 creatures that sort of match each other.

I call them 'I am Not a bird'.

It was fun ripping apart dolls and thinking about how 'girls' toys need a makeover in general.

I really love these final three pieces that stand alone and together as some sort of celebration of the flamboyant and also as a better version (imo) of their original forms.

love you more that a riotous pink feather xxx