Monday, November 7, 2016

Crafty Collaborations

Kia ora crafters,

Wee Bounce, (who is 8 so maybe not so wee anymore!), has a lovely teacher who is off on maternity leave. We took to the craft room to make a gift for 'pebble'.

We pinterested for ideas and he said that she liked woodland creatures.

Bounce decided to go for the giraffe. He free handed the drawing inspired by a pin and some nature photography we searched up.

He drew, cut out, re-drew on bonding stuff and then re-cut out the fabric after I ironed it onto the new fabric. Then he painted on the facial features after I machine embroidered it onto the baby suit.

I used clip art to help me with my squirrel silhouette but the incredible, inspired acorn was all my own design. (I know, sometimes I even surprise myself with my talents!)

It was fun rummaging through my stash to make these projects, spending an afternoon working together and seeing Bounce's sense of achievement with his work.

Hopefully baby pebble gets some use out of them too.

love you more than a miniature acorn xxx