Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 11/52 The Princess and The Pea

I've got a bit of a thing for stitchy-ness at the moment.

So when I saw a kit (frames, backing board, necklaces or brooch fittings) to make a super sweet hoop necklace I was smitten. I bought the 3 pack!

These gorgeous wee frames are made by a lass in Melbourne (she sells on etsy but I bought mine through one of her stockists).

I decided, after looking through some of my pinterest inspiration, to make a 'princess and the pea' one. I stitched it up one night in front of the tv and when I showed it to The Atlas he said 'the princess and the pea' straight away. It was one of his very good moments - a man to cherish right there!!

One of the children at school asked me on the day I wore it - is that you in bed Miriam? (they call teachers by their first name here) That made me laugh in a kind of cringe-y way, no not me in bed! No I replied it's the princess and the pea - do you know that story?

For the record I am definitely not stitching myself in bed - that would be like an awkward nude of your dinner host hanging right above the table where you are trying to have dinner and make polite chit chat. Okay, maybe it would be nothing like that but it would still be odd.

Anyway I have 2 more to make. Such simple projects and doable in an evening - I love those kind of projects!

What should I stitch next into my teeny tiny hoop?

love you more than a correct stitching interpretation xxx