Friday, March 14, 2014

Thankful for...

Surprise parcels that arrive when you've given up hoping!

New blog friends - Juanita has just moved here too so we're creating our own Adelaide bloggers internet dating phenomenon. ( not sure the Adelaide bloggers are ready for us!)

Tickets to shows

More blog connections and fabric - the ASG had a fringe event with lots of fabric and lovely Sarah from Ask Sarah. Yes I look crazy... yes I do!

A new blog card with a new sentiment on the reverse.

A family picture at a fringe event (see tickets above)

People who put the great british sewing bee up on you tube. ( even though hit keeps getting taken down - come on BBC the likelihood of us ever getting here: slim to none, and if we do I'll watch it again, I promise!)

This simple, moving Lent journey. A couple of minutes each day to reflect and enjoy other peoples creative thoughts. Lovely.

 What about you? Got something to be thankful for this week?

love you more than a packet of squishy dark liquorice xxx