Wednesday, March 5, 2014

in my neighbourhood - Adelaide Zoo

We were given a family pass for the zoo from my sister and when we finally hit a cooler Saturday we biked up for the day.

This is a city zoo, being right in the heart of the city, but it doesn't feel at all urban. As far as zoos go this is the greenest I've been to. Most of the time you are unaware of, or unable to see the enclosures and there are plenty of opportunities to get very close to the animals.

Wombat on a walk anyone?

We had the pleasure? of watching a meerkat tear the head off a mouse through a glass wall that was only about 70cm high.

The pandas are viewed after walking through a bamboo forest and most of their enclosure is very open. The day we went we found the panda behind glass about a metre and half away from us eating bamboo like there was no tomorrow.

The zoo also features a petting area for some of the more domesticated animals - goats, quokka, kangaroos...

and lots of green space for sitting and relaxing/picnicking.

The Atlas saw a couple being shown around who were planning a wedding there.

The boys favourite parts were the nocturnal section where they saw fat tailed dunnarts for the first time - these are like hilarious over sized mice and there were 2 in the cage who behaved just like our boys - in, out, over, hide, find. There were also bats in this section too which fascinated Bounce. This section featured some new babies and so as well as being dark we had to be super quiet which just added to the hilarity.

They also (all 3) loved the reptiles section which was full of snakes. Flip was particularly enamoured with checking out whether  they were poisonous or not.

I liked the birds the most - the colours of the birds here is totally stunning. Plenty of pirate worthy parrots - in size and colour.

The zoo isn't a cheap day out but in terms of coming face to face (literally at times) with a wide variety of creatures in a beautiful, non-cagey setting I think it is worth the investment.

** In my neighbourhood, recording our journey and writing the kind of posts about living in Adelaide I wanted to find before we left NZ**

love you more than trying to be quiet and laugh at the same time xxx