Friday, August 2, 2013

What Really Matters

When you read about a child intentionally starved and abused by parents it all gains a little perspective don't you think? (that, and it makes you breathless with grief for that little precious person so let down by the people around them....oh, let that never be us who don't dig deep enough for someone vulnerable)

so this week I am grateful for growing up loved, for not being abused, for food on the table and in the cupboards and for my beautiful little boys who have no concept of being denied food (except the odd biscuit when they've already had 2!)

I'm grateful for the love I get to express to them daily

for the huge delight of sharing life with people who are loving

for knowing that my boys have never been intentionally hurt by someone

boys who have no concept or framework for abuse

and I feel especially upset about children who are currently let down by people supposed to love them and let down by people who won't ask the hard questions and speak up

and I feel especially challenged to open up my life, to invest in a world where we get brave about asking the hard questions, and passionate about loving and serving the little ones

I'm not providing a link to the article I read - honestly I'm so upset I don't want to make others read it too. It was on the front section of the international part of the paper today if you want to go hunting and I'm sure it will be all over the internet too.