Monday, August 19, 2013

B.M.W.B - Popcorn and Champions

This week I bought a second hand popcorn maker and an awful plastic trophy.

The popcorn is about better choices, easy snacks, family nights and movies together. (We christened our popcorn maker by having a family night watching Shrek).

The trophy is for the family champion - it might be the UNO champion, the listening to mum first champion, the champion of anything... it adds some fun to Flip and The Atlas' putting champs in the hall or just some form of celebration for someone making progress.

It is truly ugly and the boys are delighted.

Parenting aye? It's pretty fun most of the time.

Hope you are having a beautiful week.

Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting, to honour it's value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other. 

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Love you more than an handful of fresh popcorn xxx