Monday, May 20, 2013

what's with sponge?

Aside from the fact you can dye your sponge all sorts of colours to make a pretty looking cake....

sponge is a completely disappointing kind of cake

it's like ready salted chips

and the colour beige

what credentials does it bring to the table?

light and fluffy? (read: nothing to it - those calories are real but really are you getting any flavour)

perfect with cream and strawberries - what was wrong with the cream and strawberries that they needed an accompaniment that was like eating something you use to wash your car?

sponge is really like me on a touch team - I add nothing to the game, I bring no skill and when I do actually (miraculously) manage to touch someone it's a slap on the face (true story) and disallowed. The only reason you'd want me on your team is for my side kick The Atlas who is all the things I'm not and will run from the other end of the field to get the touch I missed.... 

I've tried sponge

I don't like it 

you cannot convince me it's any more than a boring beige in the line up of moist, dense, sticky and other wonderful invitations

sponge - my dance card is full - just stay there and blend in with the flowery wallpaper.