Friday, May 24, 2013

Being A Grown Up Is So Cool

I quite like being a 'grown-up', yes I really do.

Sometimes I think we as grown-ups, ahem!, bemoan how we miss the joys and freedoms of childhood. Certainly I want my boys to enjoy all of it and be little for just as long as they can - but being a grown up is fun too.

This week when Flip turned 7 we filled his door with balloons to collapse in on him when he got up in the morning. I spent the whole time we were putting it together saying to The Atlas - 'this is so fun. Can you imagine how much the boys would love to be able to do this sort of thing?'. and of course they could with adult help and organisation..... but that's the point I'm trying to make

when you are a grown up:

you can plan surprises for other people with no help

you can use fancy ingredients to bake for people, or even just to bake for yourself

you can put a treat in the trolley at the supermarket without having to ask permission and beg and plead, all the while trying not to sound whiny

you can eat a biscuit for breakfast (yeah cos I would never do that....)

you can read WAY past your bedtime and feel tired all the next day without being told off

or you can spend a whole year reading magazines because it's all your over tired brain can handle and no-one harasses you to read 'real' books (or worse gives you an assignment to do on a book you can't stand)

you can call in sick without having to convince your parents you really are sick (and I'm not suggesting sickies here - just pointing out you get to judge your own sickness level)

you can give people presents for no reason

you can wear whatever you please (clearly within the bounds of decency and you really ought not to wear shorts so short your butt cheeks hang out the bottom - just sayin)

you can wear ridiculous jewellery to work and not worry about getting it confiscated or setting fire to it on the bunsen burner (unless of course you are a mechanic, scientist or other such career)

you can paint your nails and no-one is going to tell you to take it off

you can wear a black bra under a white shirt (not that I do, but I could)

you can pick your own underwear and not worry about it showing through your PE shirt

you can even go commando without having to worry people will notice when you hang upside down on the bars (not that I do, of course!!)

you can take photos of whatever you like and take heaps and heaps without having someone tell you to be careful the whole time

you can make a 'playdate' (or whatever grown ups call them) without having to ask a parent and you can stay home without being forced to play with that girl who always says mean things

you can suck your straw and make loud noises in a cafe and no one tells you off

you can run a bubble bath and read a magazine and if you drop it in you can shrug and move on

and your kids don't tell you off if you forget to close the toilet door - in fact they kind of appreciate having to make less effort to break in and tell you something important like they just stuck something to their armpit and it won't come off and you have to help right now! (or is that just us?)


today your challenge is to do something that only grown ups can do, just because you can, and to intentionally enjoy it. Please tell me what you are going to do - 'kay?

Today I'm stoked to be a grown up, because being a grown up has its very good points

Got anything to add to my list?